Type of Case or Accident

What are examples of personal injury cases and accidents?

Personal injury cases (also know as a tort lawsuit) come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Auto accidents, medical malpractice and premises liability (slip/fall) are a few examples of the most common types of personal injury cases, but there are many more. In fact, torts are among the most common legal actions in the United States.

While no two cases are exactly alike, these civil claims all fall under personal injury law and allow for the injured victim (the “plaintiff”) to seek compensation from another person or party (the “defendant”) for harm caused by negligence or an intentional act. Below we provide in-depth information about some of the most frequent kinds of personal injury cases, claims and accidents.

Visit our Personal Injury Basics page to learn more about the basics of personal injury law, including negligence, finding a lawyer and the statute of limitations.

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Personal injury case types

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