Life is never the same after an accident... What are my legal rights?
Enjuris answers tough questions to help you deal with what comes next.

It's the unknown that may be the scariest in the aftermath of an accident. If you are making an insurance claim, pursuing workers' compensation or considering a personal injury lawsuit, Enjuris is here to help. We can connect you with support organizations, printable worksheets, basic info on insurance claims and personal injury laws, and a directory of lawyers who specialize in personal injury. Read what we've learned from others' accident stories and share yours, too.

How to Find the Right Car Accident Attorney for You

So you've been involved in a car accident and think you may have a case. How do you find the right attorney to help you?

Read our complete guide to finding the right injury attorney for your case. Read insights from Enjuris attorneys and lawyers across the USA on when and why you need to hire a car accident attorney. Learn more

Macon Car Accident Statistics & What To Do After a Crash

Do you know what to do or who to call after a Macon car accident? You’re not alone.

There are several dangerous intersections in Macon and some unsettling local data about traffic accident fatalities in recent years. Learn about the statistics, laws and how to find an injury lawyer.
More on Macon car accident statistics & what to do after a crash

workers comp personal injury

The basis for personal injury law is fairly straightforward:
If you're injured because of someone's negligence, then you're entitled to recover for your financial losses related to the injury.

The premise for the workers' compensation system is similar:
Your employer is required to have specific insurance that provides benefits if you're injured at work.

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Answers to the most common legal questions surrounding novel coronavirus from personal injury attorneys, law students and plaintiffs
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Personal injury law 101

Real answers to help you deal with real life after an accident. You've been hurt. What are the steps to take legal action? How should you document your injury? We answer these questions and more.

Type of accident

Life can change in an instant after an accident. Learn about different types of accident cases including hit and run, slip and fall, construction accidents, and more.

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Personal injury lawyers are good for society

The verdict is in: Lawyers are not so bad Pro bono work is strongly encouraged by the American Bar Association. 81% of attorneys have provided pro bono services at some point in their careers.

lawyer attorney personal injury

Focus on your recovery. Find a good lawyer to help with financial compensation Personal injury attorneys wear many hats – and you'll be glad they do if you find yourself in need of an accident lawyer.

construction workers behind fence

Will my company take care of me when I get hurt on the job? Don't be shocked if your employer rushes to cover itself after a workplace accident—instead of helping you. When you're hurt on the job, consult a good workers' compensation lawyer.

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If you are exploring whether you can make a personal injury claim or you've made up your mind and want to learn how to go about filing a lawsuit, Enjuris is here to help. We know the worst part of this process is feeling like you're in the dark and your fate is in the hands of everyone but you. It's the unknown that may be the most scary in the aftermath of an accident. Enjuris is here to help guide you through this difficult time by offering real answers and actionable advice for accident survivors and injury victims.

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