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How do I get two firms to respond... or how do I get out of the original contract and find another lawyer?

Asked by user in Texas.

I started pursuing a case in 7/16/2018, I signed a contract with a firm. It was switched with different lawyers in the form. They weren't great about communication at all. Nothing happened, they said they needed someone better equipped to do it. Nothing transpired until I met with the lawyer they referred me to on 7/26/19. He said he would go in on their contract and they'd work the fees out later. Sent paperwork as requested. Since then, nothing. I've got 2 answered phones promising to set up a meeting, never happened. We moved, I informed them, let them know I was still interested and could go down or do video/phone calls and no response. Two weeks ago, a new receptionist supposedly gave my name to the PA assisting to return my call. Nothing. I wrote an email asking if he was still doing the case or not. That I needed to know so I could get a new lawyer. I even said the same to the other firm. No response. I informed both firms, as long as there is communication, I'm fine. Even if it's just no update, we are waiting for this specific timing or such is fine. Just acknowledge that I and my case still exist essentially.

It's now a little over 2 years later and it has not progressed. At all. The company broke their own by-laws and have yet to fix it. My mother willed the shares, even though legally she had no right to do so. It was also against the company bylaws. It's not much money to the lawyers, but for those of us that should rightfully be receiving the shares, it is. It's what they will be paid to do.

Answered by Enjuris Editors:

I'm sorry you're having so much difficulty. It's definitely important to continue to follow up on your cases because court filing deadlines and other time restrictions could be significant to your outcome. That said, there's nothing to stop you from finding a new lawyer. You don't need to cut ties with one in order to pursue another — you can find a new lawyer and ask that person to pursue getting your file or documents from the previous lawyer. If the lawyers with whom you’re working are unresponsive, that might be the best course of action.

It doesn't matter how much money is at stake; the lawyer's job is to represent your legal interests to the best of their ability. If you don't think that's happening and you aren't receiving communications, you should consider finding another lawyer. Best of luck.

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