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What can we do to access funds in our frozen PayPal account?

Asked by user in North Carolina.

My wife and I filed taxes this year. We had them deposited into my wife's PayPal account because we didn't have a checking account at that time. PayPal froze my wife's account due to identity theft issues. We are homeless and really need our money back.

Answered by Enjuris Editors:

It sounds like your funds are being held while PayPal resolves the identity theft issues. Federal law provides some limitations on holding periods, but generally these holding periods are set by PayPal and stated in PayPal's user agreement.

I would recommend contacting PayPal to see what information you can provide in order to prove your identity. If this does not work, I would recommend reaching out to a free or reduced-cost attorney to help with your legal issue. You can find one here:

In addition, you might want to reach out to one of the many help hotlines that the United States Department of Housing runs to help homeless individuals in North Carolina.

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