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Can my landlord spray bleach in my basement without notifying me?

Asked by user in New Hampshire.

My landlord had woken me by spraying bleach in my basement. I am puzzled why he did not notify me in the first place. Is this even legal? Second, it’s really dark in the basement. I’m guessing he was spraying for mold, but he never told me why he was spraying.

Answered by Enjuris Editors:

Under RSA 540-A:3, your landlord is prohibited from entering your rental property without your permission unless it’s to make emergency repairs. Keep in mind that some rental properties don’t include the basement. Whether or not the basement is part of your rental property should be stated in your lease.

If your landlord continues to enter your rental property without your permission, you can file a 540-A petition with the court. However, I would recommend expressing your concerns to your landlord first and asking for information about what he was doing in the basement. Hopefully the matter can be resolved without having to go to court.

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