The 4 Most Common Types of Car Accidents

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Most people will experience a car accident in their life. Do you know what the four most common types are?

A car can feel like a tank, but when you get into a car accident, it feels like it provides about as much protection as a crumpled soda can.

It doesn’t matter if the offending driver was eating a sandwich, applying makeup, trying to escape gridlock or just not paying attention – the result is two cars or more plowing together, causing a world of damage and a lot of paperwork. This can happen all the time, anywhere, to anyone.

One would think this is just a problem on high-speed roads or busy streets, but the reality is that anyone who gets behind a wheel is at risk of getting into an accident. In fact, most accidents happen with 25 miles of a person’s home.

Most car accidents happen with 25 miles of a person’s home. Tweet this

Listed below are the four most common types of car accidents.

Rear-end collisions

Rear-end collisions are the most common type of automobile accidents. Sudden deceleration is often the culprit, because who can read the mind of the driver in front of them? How are you supposed to know when that elderly lady is going to go from 40 miles per hour to 15? Who does that?! Regardless, we are all responsible for watching the cars in front of us.

Tailgating is another issue. Everybody is always in a rush to get where they need to go, and that means following the front driver too closely. This can result in whiplash for either driver upon a quick stop, an injury that can require many years of treatment.

Side-impact collisions

Commonly referred to as a “T-bone” but nowhere near as delicious, a side-impact collision is exactly what the name describes: one car impacting the side of another vehicle. This could do any level of damage, from scratching a bumper to completely imploding the car’s doors; it all depends on how fast the offending car was driving and how hard the impact is.

Head-on collisions

Head-on collisions are among the deadliest of auto accidents. This occurs when the front-end of the car hits another object, which can often happen at high speeds. Frontal-impact accidents can also involve animals, trees and other obstructions or obstacles on the road.

Anytime there is an additional road hazard such as snow, rain, ice or fog, the probability of a head-on collision can increase.

Drivers and passengers frequently have severe bodily injuries after an accident such as this. Often, accident victims also have internal damage, concussions and dislocations.

Multi-vehicle collisions

Also referred to as pile-ups, multi-vehicle collisions entail at least three cars colliding. These often occur on busy roads, freeways and highways.

Like frontal-impact auto collisions, multi-vehicle collisions are markedly more dangerous and can lead to additional fatalities. The vehicles can collide with one another multiple times and at several angles. Drivers and passengers in these types of accidents often find it difficult to escape.

Notably, and as mentioned above, most car accidents occur close to home. This is most likely because drivers relax and fall into remembered patterns as they come closer to familiar territory. Some other common causes of accidents include fatigue, speed, recklessness, environmental conditions, distraction, medical impairment and intoxication.

Sadly, multi-vehicle automobile accidents are becoming a more common event; as of 2015, the percentage for this type of occurrence was almost 50% of all collisions when compared to single-vehicle accidents. Considering how much metal is involved, injuries can range from whiplash to paralysis to death.

A collision involving an oversized truck can be catastrophic for a smaller vehicle. Car accidents involving pedestrians or bicyclists can result in shattering injuries or even death. A split-second car accident can be a life-altering experience. The injuries sustained, disruption experienced and other drawbacks are often overwhelming.

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