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Do I owe money to my insurance company if someone else got into a truck accident in my vehicle?

Asked by user in Ohio.

My friend got into an accident with a semi-truck. The car insurance was under my name but the insurance didn't cover the lawsuit from the other party because my friend wasn't named on my policy. Now the insurance company said they will pay for the lawsuit but I'll have to pay them back the money.

Answered by Enjuris Editors:

In almost all cases, if you give your friend permission to drive your vehicle and they crash your vehicle, your car insurance will cover the accident. However, in Ohio, your car insurance company can reduce the coverage limits if your friend is not listed on your policy.

If the accident is not covered by your insurance, then your friend (the person responsible for the accident) is liable for any damages to the semi-truck.

To summarize, the situation you're describing (where the accident wasn't covered and you owe the insurance company money) doesn't sound right. I would recommend reaching out to an attorney in your area so they can review your insurance policy and the facts of the case. Most initial consultations are free and the attorney should be able to tell you whether you're liable for any damages.

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