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Enjuris began as a directory created by an SEO company to support rankings for its law firm clients. Since then, Enjuris has evolved into so much more. The website is now a comprehensive resource for accident victims with content published daily in the form of charts, printable forms, infographics, a blog, accident guides, and social media updates across all major platforms. Our editors also actively publish on behalf of Enjuris in various online media.

We offer various benefits to our member law firms, and we think your SEO company is going to be pretty excited when they see how it can benefit you. Here are some of the highlights.


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Be quoted as an expert source

Our editors produce expert content that garners buzz, both on our site and in various places online. We turn first to Enjuris members for experts to interview as sources in our stories and we also refer them to industry journalists. This helps our members by giving them visibility and links in trusted media outlets.

Member News

Are you submitting a press release or news announcement online for your law firm? If you’re a member of Enjuris, we can add it to our site, too: send us your news.

Guest Blogging

As a savvy online marketer, you are no doubt looking for high-quality spots to publish your material online. We accept guest blog submissions by our personal injury law firm directory members, including followed links.


You’ll see information organized into appealing graphics throughout our site. We encourage you to use these infographics in your blog or on your site. We only ask that you link to us as the source. If you produce infographics, too, we will be happy to feature yours.

Accident Forms

Our forms are available as downloads or printable PDFs to make it easy for your clients to get organized. Feel free to print out our most popular ones for your clients to use or link to them from your website’s resources page.

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