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How to leverage the fastest growing personal injury resource for your Law Firm Website

Enjuris is one of the fastest growing personal injury content websites worldwide. After our first year, we now rank 6th among all personal injury law directories.

How can Enjuris be used to help your Website dominate Page 1 in your local market?

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Enjuris is backed by 20-year-old Internet marketing company SEO Advantage®. Drawing on its track record in ultra-competitive keyword markets, SEO Advantage is growing Enjuris aggressively to accelerate website rankings, traffic and case leads for its Premier Contributor law firms.

With comprehensive marketing by the SEO Advantage and Enjuris teams, Premier Contributor law firms can expect 400-600% growth in website traffic and page 1 rankings in the first 3 years. Our top performing Premier Contributor’s website holds over 5900 keywords on page 1 – and receives maximum exposure on Enjuris.

Ask us about our Territory Protection – limiting the number of Premier Contributors in each geographic area.

Enjuris Content and Contributors receive exposure in

The Huffington Post / US News / American Bar Association / Pain News Network / Above the Law / Drug Watcher

Enjuris Legal Editors create expert legal content which is wholly focused on helping people who have been hurt in an accident. This allows us to attract valuable attention and engagement for all our members. We invite you to join us on our journey.

How attorneys can get involved

Enjuris offers many ways for attorneys to participate, gain additional exposure and help Enjuris grow.

Become a member

Basic membership is free. Add your personal injury law firm to our directory right now. View pricing plans and choose your level of engagement to start.

Part of the Enjuris Network

This branded seal provides social proof and lets injury victims know you're a part of the growing Enjuris network of personal injury lawyers. You can get the Enjuris seal here for posting to your website once you're a member. (Note: other seals are available depending on your level of involvement.)

Territory protection

Premier Contributor

We've reserved the biggest benefits for our most committed members. At the highest level only for Premier Contributors, you find benefits like territory protection, media pitching and prime space on Enjuris. And this is just part of a comprehensive marketing program by SEO Advantage designed to grow your website's page 1 rankings and traffic.

Participate in media queries

Our editors produce expert content that garners buzz, both on our site and in various places online. We turn first to premier Enjuris members for experts to interview as sources in our stories and we also refer them to industry journalists. This helps our members by giving them visibility and links in trusted media outlets.

When you join, you'll receive our newsletter telling you about the current stories our editors are working on.

Send us your news

Do you have a press release or news announcement for your law firm? If you're a contributing member of Enjuris, we can add it to our site, too: send us your news.

Guest blog submissions

Premier Contributor

We accept guest blog submissions by contributing directory members. This gives you access to some special benefits, also. See more here.

Infographics library

You'll see information organized into appealing graphics throughout our site. We encourage you to use these infographics in your blog or on your site. (If you produce infographics, too, we will be happy to feature them for you!).

Accident forms

Our forms are available as downloads or printable PDFs to make it easy for your clients to get organized. Feel free to link to them from your website's resources page to offer more for your clients.

Benefit from local promotions

Enjuris may be best known for its national resources, but our team of promotional experts also conduct local campaigns to benefit our premier contributing law firms in their specific geographies. See our Drive Safe Houston campaign and our growing Safe Texas outreach programs for starters.

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