National Directory of Injury Lawyers: FAQ

Questions you may have about listing your law firm in our directory

Our personal injury law firm directory is one of only a handful set up specifically to help injury victims. We produce and carefully curate content that we know our audience is interested in. Our editorial team publishes helpful guides, resources and thought-provoking commentary regularly. We profile real stories. And when someone is ready to find a lawyer, we point them toward our directory of personal injury lawyers. We hope you will join us in serving people who need someone just like you. We expect you've got questions, and we will continue to add more FAQs here as we receive them. If you don't see your question answered here, please reach out to our support team.

FAQ about updating your listing

Enjuris support staff does not update directory listings other than those of premier content partners. However, we will help you access your listing if needed, so you can update it easily yourself.

You can find a login link in the top right of the pages throughout the Enjuris website or you can login here.

If you forgot your password or username, you can reset it. If you don't know either the username or password for your listing, you may contact us here for help accessing your listing. We do not accept duplicate listings for the same law firm, so please do not create a new listing if you simply cannot access the existing one.

FAQ about membership levels

We used to offer very basic free directory listings. However, we think the detailed information available in our paid listings is more helpful for people looking to hire personal injury attorneys. As a resource focused entirely on helping people who have been injured, we want to make the search for the right attorney as painless as possible.

Existing free listings will remain as they are indefinitely. However, please understand that we are continually looking for ways to better serve our end users, and we reserve the right to update our offering at any time.

Any contributed content must be associated with a specific law firm listing in our directory. If you are an SEO agency or provide guest posting services on behalf of multiple law firms, you will need to create a Contributor level directory listing for each law firm.

If you are a law firm with multiple contributing lawyers, the contributor bio will specify your law firm, but you may mention individual lawyers as authors informally in the guest post. Feel free to ask us for more details.

If you are a Contributor level member, first email your story idea to our editors. They will provide guidance to refine the topic or approve it. Then submit the written article. Acceptance is at the discretion of the editing team, but we will make every effort to work with you on producing content that will benefit our readers. We may edit it to bring it in line with our tone and style at Enjuris. We will add an image, caption and other optimization factors. We also prepare social media posts to promote your guest post. Please see the complete list of submission guidelines.

We only accept guest posts by Contributor level members. There is no particular limit. However, we seek to maintain a balance of contributors in our blog. At this time, four blog posts per month would be acceptable, though this is at the discretion of our editors. As we gain more contributors, that may increase. Feel free to talk to us about your desired publishing schedule. As a Contributor level member, you will also have your own author bio page, which displays all your published content. Please see the complete list of submission guidelines.

Your law firm will still have a listing in the directory, but the features associated with paid membership will become inactive. If you have submitted content for our blog, it will remain live, but you will be unable to contribute further.

It is possible to maintain more than one paid listing. You can set up as many paid listings as you wish. Please see pricing here.

FAQ about alternate ways to participate

At this time, we do not provide any paid advertising options. If you are a personal injury law firm and wish to become more involved with the Enjuris audience, we recommend a Contributor level membership.

At this time, we are entirely focused on the personal injury law industry in the United States.

If you are looking for more ways to help folks who have been injured, here are some other ways you can participate:

  • Reply to folks asking questions on our blog
  • Leave a comment as an expert on our blog, linking back to your website
  • Share an article by Enjuris on a social network or on your website
  • Use our infographics or forms for injury victims
  • Feel free to pitch us on an idea of your own!