The Most Dangerous Professions in America

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4,405 workers in the United States lost their lives in accidents that occurred on the job in 2013.  There are a variety of ways these devastating fatalities occur, but often they are in many of the same sectors of business.

The good news: the number of fatal work accidents is on the decline. The bad news is that they are still much more common then we'd like to think.

The data listed below is based on deaths per 100,000 workers per year in a particular field: 

  • The number one deadliest profession is a logging worker.  Not only do they work in remote areas that can be difficult to get to in the event of an emergency, but the fact that they often climb trees in upwards of 100 feet or more and deal with dangerous machinery make this job incredibly treacherous and risky.

  • A commercial fisherman is not your average fisherman standing on the banks of a lake and casually tossing in a net. Rather, commercial fishermen must brave rough and dangerous ocean conditions to try and gather the seafood that ends up on your dinner plate. It's a tough job that requires a tough person.

  • Aircraft pilots and flight engineers make the list of the top ten as well due to the potential of a crash that can occur anytime, but especially during landing or take off.  They also deal with dangerous weather conditions, the potential of hitting another plane and severe mechanical problems.

  • Roofers face danger regularly as they stand on uneven surfaces that can cause an individual to slip.  Fatigue, hot sun and lack of proper safety equipment all contribute to making this one of the top ten deadliest jobs in America.

  • Refuse and recyclable material workers handle a variety of hazardous materials on a daily basis. Not to mention that riding on big equipment can treacherous.  Falling off the truck and collisions with other cars are all reasons why this profession is risky.

  • Mining machine operators face danger each day as they deal with possible explosions, getting trapped and the danger of the mining machine itself.

  • Truck drivers and sales workers who are constantly on the road face the potential of a driving accident each and every day on America's dangerous highways. Fatigue alone can be a top danger, as well as other drivers on the road.

  • Farmers and other agricultural workers have a tough job because they are dealing with heavy moving equipment like tractors and combine machines that are extremely unsafe. An overturned tractor is the leading cause of death among farmers.

  • Electrical and power line workers are often electrocuted or fall from high conditions.

  • Being a construction worker is always dangerous due to the type of equipment used, the height conditions and bad weather. These factors all work together to put this particular industry on the top ten list of dangerous professions.

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