Where Do Women Go to Law School? (2016)

Schools and states with more females than males enrolled in their JD programs

2016 was the first year the number of female enrollees surpassed male enrollees at U.S. law schools. We wondered where exactly they're going to school. Does the east look different from the west? The north from the south? Which schools have the most female law students? We broke it down for you here in our latest infographic. See more recent data for 2017. The numbers are a bit surprising!

Where do women go to law school? Find out!

Where Women Go to Law School, 2017

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Looking simply at gender data for law schools in the U.S., there are some outliers that make it really interesting. We examined the total percentages of women compared to men attending law schools in each state.

Women law students outnumber men in CA, LA, DC, ME, NM, ND, VT, RI, CO, MA, MT, NY, FL, MN, MD, DE, Puerto Rico  Tweet this
  • Of California's 20 law schools, a whopping 16 of those have more women JD enrollees than men.

  • Women held the majority of J.D. seats in 5 of DC's 7 law schools.

  • 9 of Florida's 12 law schools have female majorities.

  • Illinois trended more towards male enrollees with 3 of the state's 9 law schools having a higher percentage of women enrollees.

  • Massachusetts has 8 law schools, of which 6 are dominated by female enrollees.

  • Only 1 of Ohio’s 9 law schools has more female JD enrollees than male.

  • All 3 Puerto Rican law schools have majority female enrollment.

  • 3 out of 9 law schools in Texas have more women than men.

Additionally, female law students were found to be concentrated in certain regions and states:

  • 37% of women enrolled in J.D. programs can be found on the East Coast.

  • New York alone enrolls 10.57% of women studying for a J.D. degree.

  • 9 of Florida's 12 law schools enroll more women than men, accounting for 7.76% of women studying for a J.D. degree.

  • On the West Coast, California law schools account for 12.34% of total female J.D. students nationally.

  • Sixteen states and Puerto Rico were found to have more women than men law school students.

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