Gender Enrollment by Law School (2016 Data)

Percentage of male/female/other J.D. students at U.S. law schools

2016 seems to be widely accepted as the first year in history that women enrolled in juris doctor degrees outnumbered men at US law schools. The data below shows the percentage of female and male J.D. students for each of the 204 ABA-approved law schools in the country. (See our distribution map and Top 15 schools list by percentage of female enrollees. 2017 data now also available.)

Total female 55,766


Total male 55,059


Total other 502


Total students 111,327


Source: American Bar Association 2016 ABA Required Disclosures (Standard 509 Reports).

Any mistakes in data reported to the ABA are the responsibility of the reporting school. The figures here represent a snapshot in time. Please see the ABA website for the most up-to-date figures.

*The (PDF) ABA reported 110,951 total J.D. enrollment as of Dec. 2016. When we looked at the data in March 2017, the numbers had shifted a bit. (The ABA told us that the data reported on their site is live and can be updated at any time by schools, apart from a period when the data is frozen at the end of the year.)

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