Calling All Future Lawyers!

Want to get published? Learn how to be a paid Enjuris law student contributor

It’s no secret that the legal field is a highly competitive job market. Your GPA, extracurriculars and internships matter to potential employers, but you should seek out any opportunity to make your resume stand out from the rest.

One way to enhance your job application is to engage in the rapidly growing field of legal marketing. Law firms want attorneys who are able to help with marketing efforts, and a new lawyer who can immediately begin writing client-facing content will stand out among the competition. Blogging and the ability to make legal jargon understandable to the masses are important aspects of marketing for lawyers, and we want to help students hone these skills.

Enjuris is now accepting articles for our blog from law students who want to show employers they've got what it takes to compete in today's ever-changing market. If you haven't been able to get published in your school's law review or niche journal, or if you just want more publishing credits to add to your resume, this is a great opportunity for you.

Not sure what to write about? Our website is all about helping people after they've been in an accident. This includes any negligence or workers’ compensation claim. We’re even interested in criminal charges connected to an accident. You can help bring unique perspective to these topics if you:

  • Interview professors about their work or a major case they handled in the past
  • Talk to personal injury/workers comp/criminal defense lawyers in your community
  • Speak with legislators or other government workers
  • Review current events or happenings at your school that correlate with what's happening in the personal injury, workers’ compensation or criminal defense world
  • Discuss political topics as they apply to personal injury or workers’ compensation laws
  • Analyze a general area of law or updates to case law that are particularly controversial, unusual or impactful
  • Summarize your findings from a study you conducted that connects to our site’s content

Check out our blog for more ideas. Keep in mind that our tone is different from a law review, and you should read some of our pieces before writing your own.

The process for pitching guest posts is simple:

If you want to write for us, with your idea for a blog post and how you think the topic would benefit our readers. If you’ve already written the post, than you can send us the full draft, but include a short summary of the content presented within the body of the email. If your content won an award at your school, including a CALI, let us know that, too.

Submission requirements:

  • Submissions should be greater than 500 words. We don’t have an upper word limit for our guest posts. If you've got a story or information that our readers will appreciate, please use the number of words it requires to tell it well while still striving for brevity.
  • Include a headshot, brief bio, contact information and the name of your school with your submission.
  • Any submissions you write for us must be unique and not published elsewhere.
  • We reserve the right to edit submissions to bring them in line with the overall Enjuris voice.
  • You are encouraged to share the link to your published byline with friends, family, your school, potential employers, etc. We will promote any published submissions via social media and email notifications to our audiences, which includes our attorney members. We will include a headshot and brief bio for accepted submissions.

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Enjuris pays $30 per post for accepted guest blog submissions by students.

We are excited about this venture and look forward to hearing from you!

Currently featured at: Harvard Law School, Yale Law School, University of Miami School of Law, Pepperdine School of Law, Suffolk University Law School, Nebraska College of Law, Chicago-Kent College of Law
(more coming soon)

Don't see your school listed?

Let us know and we'll get in touch with your outreach or career office!

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