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Will I be arrested for a sexting scam?

Asked by user in Virginia.

I met a girl on a dating site. Her father said she was a minor and demanded $4,800 from me to pay for his daughter’s therapy.

Answered by Enjuris Editors:

The attorneys at Enjuris practice civil (not criminal) law. You will need to speak to a criminal attorney to get advice with respect to your question on whether you will be arrested for sexting.

In the meantime, you can read Virginia Code §18.2-374.3, which addresses the crime of sexting with a minor.

The minor’s father would have to file a civil lawsuit (on behalf of the minor) against you in order to recover $4,800 in damages. There is no guarantee that a court would award civil damages in this case. In fact, most sexting cases in the United States have not resulted in civil damages being awarded.

In other words, I would strongly advise you not to pay the father any money unless you are ordered by a court to do so (especially given that this may be a scam). If you would like, you can find an attorney near you to talk about the damages issue further using our free online directory.

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