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Can my landlord be liable when I have reported several times that I think I am being watched and verbally assaulted in my home?

Asked by user in Florida.

Recently, I was almost assaulted when a person almost burst in my door and threatened me. I feel like I am being monitored in my bathroom, when I wake up and when I leave my apartment. This has been happening for almost a year and the only response I have gotten is "I cannot believe my boss hasn't called you," "we can let you out of your lease because of the complaints," and "you can leave." I have not been offered a meeting in the office to talk about these things. I believe I am being verbally assaulted by my neighbor and have confronted that person in the parking lot for it. I have lost a year of my life and my relationships with my children have been damaged because of these things.

Answered by Enjuris Editors:

I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling uncomfortable in your home environment. You have a right to feel safe at home. You say you feel like you're being watched or monitored, but do you know this for sure? Have you seen cameras or recording equipment in your home?

You also mentioned that someone almost came through your door, but it doesn't sound like an attack took place. Regardless, it sounds as though there are issues with your neighbors and others in the community surrounding your home. It sounds like you're wondering how to get out of your lease because the management company hasn't responded to your complaints.

Yes, the landlord has a responsibility to keep your home safe and to take measures to prevent foreseeable harm. If you feel that the landlord isn't meeting that standard, you should consult a landlord/tenant attorney for guidance.

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