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What can I do if I have complained about my neighbors across the hall who smoke weed in the apartment and I am highly allergic to it?

Asked by user in Utah.

It is so bad that I can't leave my apartment or even my own back bedroom because I could have an asthma attack and my throat starts to close. What can I do? I live in Utah.

Answered by Enjuris Editors:

I’m sorry that you’re having this experience. First, cannabis remains illegal in Utah for purposes other than medical cannabis for patients with qualifying conditions. Second, you are entitled to live in your home without health risks or other hazards.

You mentioned that you’ve complained about this problem, but it’s not clear if you’ve complained directly to the neighbors or to your management. You should make a written complaint to the apartment management and make subsequent complaints if they’re not acknowledged or handled. It’s the apartment management’s responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy living environment.

The other step you could take is to call local law enforcement when you smell marijuana (if you’re certain that’s what you smell) since it’s illegal where you live.

If your landlord or management refuses to take action, you’ll need to contact a landlord/tenant lawyer or use some type of resource like the Utah Tenant Hotline (801-359-2444).

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