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How can I or can I get compensation from a molestation I witnessed when I was 5 years old for emotional reasons?

Asked by user in Texas.

I was 5 years old, my sister was 6 or so, and my uncle molested her in his room of our duplex while he was supposed to watch all three of my siblings and me.

Answered by Enjuris Editors:

Whether you can sue your Uncle or not will depend on a variety of factors including the date of offense and any evidence that might have been gathered at the time. If the molestation by your uncle happened too far in the past, the statute of limitations to file a lawsuit may have already lapsed. For a better understanding of your rights and options I would contact a personal injury attorney. I do not practice that type of law but if you give me a call (see below) I can give you a good referral.

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Matt Sharp

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