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Can I sue my internet provider for poor service?

Asked by user in Tennessee.

I want to file a claim against Xfinity/Comcast. I have received less than adequate internet service for years, and Im still having issues.

I lost my job in March of 2019 because my internet issues were not fixed in the time allotted per my supervisor's email. As a result, I was fired. I have emails, recordings, and pictures of my cable wire that has been exposed since January, yet Xfinity/Comcast is still in the process of working to fix the issue. I have never missed paying this company despite their awful service. I feel that enough is enough, and Comcast/Xfinity should reimburse me for their incompetence!

Answered by Enjuris Editors:

When you signed up for your internet service, you entered into a written contract with your internet provider (Xfinity/Comcast). Whether or not you have a legitimate claim against the internet provider depends on whether the internet provider breached the terms of the contract.

Without reviewing the contract, it's impossible for me to tell whether or not your provider breached the contract. Some contracts state that internet providers will reimburse users for outages, whereas other contracts don't provide for reimbursements so long as the issues are resolved in a reasonable amount of time.

Keep in mind that pursuing a legal claim against an internet provider is an uphill battle considering the resources the internet provider has to fight your claim. Nevertheless, if you wish to file a claim, I would recommend meeting with an attorney in your area so the attorney can review the contract.

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