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Can I sue my ex husband for refusing to allow me access to the house we used to live in to see what things I wanted before I moved ?

Asked by user in Connecticut.

We got divorced in April 2019. I moved out with my daughter June 2019. He had his girlfriend selling all my children’s and my things on Facebook and other sites. He sold his house and moved in with her. We texted him about getting all our things, which were left in his house. He wouldn’t answer. He’s been abusive to everyone pretty much from the minute I moved out. He gave us one chance to get our things, but wouldn’t allow anyone into the house to see what we had. It was impossible to remember everything since I had a lot of things. Now I have to watch his girlfriend selling things I didn’t even remember I had. He’s done the same to his kids. I want to know if I can sue him.

Answered by Enjuris Editors:

This sounds like an issue that needs to be resolved in Family Court. Your ex-husband might have an award of “exclusive possession,” which doesn’t automatically grant him rights to all of the contents of the home permanently, but it can bar you from entering the home during ongoing divorce proceedings. The difficult part of recovering costs or items that have been sold is proving that you were entitled to them in the first place. If you have a family court lawyer, you should consult them for guidance.

If you don’t have a family lawyer, you might have a court-appointed guardian who oversees your children’s interests if you’ve been involved in any custody proceedings. That person might be able to provide advice or refer you to someone who can help, since this matter also affects the children.

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