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Highly skilled in expert witness testimony, and plastic related
design, testing and analysis consultation.

The Plastic Expert Group is a globally recognized network of scientists, engineers, authors, and plastics experts who offer expert witness testimony for both plaintiffs and defendants. Our service offerings also include design, analysis, and consultation for polymeric materials, plastics, coatings and adhesives.

Our industry-leading forensics lab specializes in identifying the root cause in plastic part failure and plastic pipe failure, which is why our experts frequently work with attorneys, and their clients get to the bottom of liability in personal injury cases. and are trusted among the world's most recognizable brands to provide manufacturing and consulting expertise.

Legal Services

We've helped win hundreds of cases & settlements

The one thing a good expert witness absolutely must have is credibility, which is why we offer testimony from experts with decades of experience, and/or a Ph. D. We are highly experienced as expert witnesses for both plaintiffs and defendants in the following areas:

  • Patent Infringement
  • Product Liability
  • Personal Injury
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Property Damage

Plastic Expert Group is frequently sought out by law firms and individuals seeking legal action. Our high level of expertise and recognition as an industry authority makes our testimony invaluable in a wide range of civil litigation cases. Please contact us for a complete list of litigation cases in which Plastic Expert Group has been involved.

Other Services

Testing & Analysis

Our experts have extensive background in all areas of plastics, meaning they can research, test, and report the vital facts in any litigation involving the failure of plastic materials including PVC, CPVC, Nylon, PP, PE, PS, PC, PET, rubber, coatings, adhesives, and composite materials.

Product Design

Plastic parts often fail because they weren't properly designed. Concentrated mechanical stresses that aren't distributed evenly across the part can cause it to fail. We specialize in successfully designing and manufacturing plastic products efficiently and safely using the best material for the application.

Manufacturing & Consulting

We provide detailed consultations on the safety of existing plastic infrastructure like piping, and offer recommendations when upgrades are needed to help employers and manufacturers avoid liability due to work-related accidents from dated materials.

Our Clients

Trusted by nationally recognized industry leaders

Our expert opinion reports are meticulously written and scientifically accurate
as evidenced by our client testimonials.

"One of my company's most well-established products failed during use and we were being threatened with a possible litigation. Dr. Priddy proved that our product was not defective. I plan to continue to use Plastic Failure Labs to solve all of my polymer analysis, plastic consulting, and plastic failure analysis needs."
"Dr. Duane Priddy's investigation report was thorough and clearly presented. I have used Duane Priddy's expert witness services twice and plan to continue to use him whenever I have any matters involving the failure of plastic materials."
"Dr. Duane Priddy's failure investigation clearly identified the defects in the product that injured my client. His expert opinion report was meticulously prepared and his conclusions supported with excellent data and bases. I plan to continue to use Plastic Failure Lab for my cases involving defective plastic parts."

Why Hire Plastics Experts?

A team of world-renowned scientists and authors

Most of our experts have PhDs and decades of experience working with plastics. Many have received honors and prestigious awards, and have authored scientific publications including journal papers, books, and encyclopedia articles. Upon request, we will send you a detailed CV as supporting evidence of the high caliber and level of expertise our team boasts.

Dr. Duane Priddy, our lead expert, is a highly experienced expert witness in all aspects of plastic failure. He has served in litigation in over 100 cases, providing insight in the forms of failure analysis, expert opinions, depositions, courtroom testimony, and consultation.


Our consultants can help you understand what went wrong and why.


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