Resources to Help You After Your Accident in Georgia

Resources for accident recovery in Georgia

Recovering from an accident is more than just waiting for wounds to heal.

An accident affects all aspects of daily life. Enjuris provides a comprehensive list of resources for physical, emotional and financial recovery in Georgia.

When you're an accident survivor, it may take everything you have to get out of bed each day. Even less serious accidents can have lasting physical and emotional effects. In order to help with your healing process, Enjuris offers this list of Georgia accident resources to put the information you need at your fingertips.

Georgia Laws and Regulations

The best way to navigate the legal consequences of your car accident is to hire a personal injury attorney who handle these cases. If, however, you wish to learn a bit more about the laws or you want to report the accident separate from the police report, here are a few handy resources:

Georgia Department of Transportation

Instructions for reporting a car crash.

The Georgia DMV Steps to follow after an auto accident.
Georgia Department of Public Safety Information for reporting a traffic emergency.
Georgia Motor Vehicle Laws List of specific motor vehicle laws.
Georgia Laws Addressing Injury List of specific laws involving accidents and injuries
Georgia Workers' Compensation Laws List of specific laws addressing employment laws and workers' compensation.

Resources for Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

Brain and spinal cord injuries are fairly common injuries from serious car wrecks. If you or a loved one face these traumatic injuries, the associations listed here provide helpful information regarding research and treatment.

Georgia Chapter of the Brain Injury Association of America

Resource for research and treatment options regarding brain injuries. Resource for symptom identification, treatment options and advocacy for those with brain injuries.
Brain Injury Association of Georgia Charity resource for information, advocacy and support.
American Spinal Injury Association Resource for treatment options and research news for those suffering from spinal cord injuries.

Resources for the Physically Disabled

Survivors of serious car accidents and workplace injuries often find themselves physically disabled. Adapting to this new condition is difficult, and the following resources may ease the adjustment for you or a loved one.

disABILITY Resource Center

This non-profit organization serves Northeast Georgia with training in life skills, and provides support and resource for all aspects of disabled life.

Disability Connections Serving Middle Georgia, this non-profit provides new lifestyle training and resources for the physically handicapped.
The State of Georgia's ADA Coordinator Office Largely an advocacy organization, the office also provides resources for the both the disabled and their caregivers.

Support Groups for Emotional Recovery

Sometimes emotional trauma is the hardest to recover from after an accident. This is particularly true for those who lost a loved one and are in the process of filing a wrongful death case. Be sure to allow yourself to heal emotionally, and consider the following Georgia resources:

MADD Victim Support in GA

Support group for survivors of drunk driving accidents.

Psychology Today A directory of support groups offered throughout GA.
Hello Grief A directory of bereavement groups for children and adults.

Enjuris tip: Remember that emotional trauma is eligible for pain and suffering damages.

Financial Recovery Information

Accidents cost money — whether it's a car accident, workplace accident or other injury. Medical bills and car repairs aren't cheap, and you may have needed to take time off from work. If you lost a loved one, funeral expenses and settling the estate may also drain your bank account. Here are some resources to help you manage your post-accident finances:

Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation

FAQs for survivors of workplace accidents A directory of various options for financial support through the GA government.
Need Help Paying Bills A directory of financial support options including a breakdown by county.
Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency This organization provides benefits for workplace accidents and has the forms and procedures on its website
Funeral expenses and lost wages are damages covered by wrongful death lawsuits. Tweet this

Additional Accident Resources from Enjuris

Enjuris is devoted to helping accident survivors and families who have lost a loved one in an accident. Here are some additional resources to help you and your family cope and prepare for the personal injury lawsuit that you may choose to file.

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