7 Tips for Making Your Attorney Legal Directory Listing Shine

Your Enjuris profile can feature the basics — who you are, where you're located, and what your specialties are. Or it can be so much more than that!

These tips can help you craft a legal directory profile that helps users to find your profile, see that it's interesting, and act on it by contacting you for a consultation. A compelling Enjuris profile is an invaluable marketing tool that generates results for your law firm.

Why did you become a personal injury lawyer?

Possibly, it was because you're driven to help people through the most difficult times in their lives. It could be because you're a skilled negotiator and this feels like a great career to optimize your talents. Or, maybe it's because you couldn't stand the idea of medical school. We get that.

Whatever the reason, you're here now. Whether you're a solo practitioner or you're at the helm of a national law firm, it has never been more important to have a strong online presence.

Long gone are the days of effective advertising on television, billboards, or in the local yellow pages. Today, for better or worse, the eyes of prospective clients are increasingly on screens — laptops, mobile phones, and whatever the next innovation will be.

The old school marketing methods don't work in today's world.

That's why your online profile at Enjuris.com is about so much more than your name and phone number. Your attorney or law firm profile should be a stunning advertisement that reaches through the screen and impresses the reader by demonstrating why YOU are the attorney they're looking for.

Enjuris offers a Basic membership level for law firms and attorneys that allows them to showcase their basic information — the who, what, where, and how.

But regardless of which membership level you choose, there's ample opportunity for your profile to be so much more than that.

Below are several simple tips to make your directory profile truly shine.

Tip #1: Keep it up to date

Did you recently promote an associate to partner? Made a new hire? Added a specialty? Won an award or recognition?

Make sure you include and update all relevant information. A stale profile is uninteresting. Keep your profile current so that the user can see what you're up to. When the big news breaks, edit your profile to make sure it's reflected online.

As a bonus, we'll share the news as well on our website!

screenshot of member news

Tip #2: Use keywords to show your specialties

Google is continuously changing its algorithms to make search as user-friendly as possible. The changes are "under the hood," so to speak, meaning you usually won't see the subtle modifications that affect how your site ranks. Even the experts sometimes struggle to keep on top of the updates. That's why the best thing you can do is to describe your practice areas or specialties with clarity and specificity.

For example, if a user searches for the term "car accident", they'll be served with roughly a billion results (no kidding). The likelihood that they'll see and click on your website is slim to none based on that search. Fortunately, most users are savvy enough these days to use search terms like "Tampa car accident lawyer" and other more descriptive phrases. If you have "Tampa car accident lawyer" in your attorney profile, that search could lead the user directly to your site.

In addition, adding a location wherever possible can help your local visibility, especially if you're in a mid-sized or smaller city or metro area. If you specialize in a practice area that's unique, capitalize on that by including it in your profile.

Tip #3: Don't be shy about your accomplishments

While boasting and bragging might look bad at a cocktail party, for your online profile it's smart and helpful. Awards, accolades, accomplishments, board positions, bar admissions, and high-profile cases you've won are all part of who you are and what makes you attractive to a prospective client.

Someone who is searching for a lawyer has one thing in mind: Can this person win my case?

Your goal should be to impress them with your track record, and show them what you've done for others like them.

Tip #4: Offer testimonials from previous clients

If you've ever read a review before purchasing an item from Amazon, then you probably know how powerful a review or testimonial from a real person can be before making a decision.

Protecting a client's confidentiality is always a priority, but you can ask for a testimonial that doesn't offer specifics about a case and that's signed with only a first name. An ideal testimonial will focus you and the quality of your services, not about the nature of the case.

screenshot of client testimonials

Tip #5: Smile for the camera

Your photo matters. Should a potential client judge you by how you look? Perhaps not, but the reality is that they often do. Upload a cover photo that's professional, updated, and showcases your entire firm.

There might be a potential client who wants a certain kind of lawyer… whether it's a woman, a person of color, a lawyer of a certain age, or some other characteristics. While you can't always account for what makes a client feel comfortable, you'll have a better shot of having what someone's looking for if you have a photo of you and your partners or associates.

Tip #6: Write a strong tagline and profile

In other words, think like a journalist. Your tagline is your headline. It tells the reader who you are and what's special or unique about you. It also is the first thing they see when they visit your Enjuris profile.

Write your profile like you would a newspaper article. Your tagline is your headline. It should summarize who you are and have a "hook" that makes the reader want to learn more.

Next, craft a profile that has the most important information first, and the details further down. Did you win a big landmark case against a pharmaceutical manufacturer? Let that be top news, then follow with the smaller items that might not be as engaging or unusual.

Ultimately, you have one goal for your Enjuris profile: to attract more clients. In order to make that happen, your profile needs to be found in search, be compelling and unique, and showcase your unique talents and accomplishments.

Tip #7: Make it easy for clients to find you

Finally, make it clear how a user can contact you. With certain membership levels, Enjuris offers a contact button that will funnel directly to your email, but you can also provide your own website, phone number, and social media accounts.

The more positive exposure you have online, the more successful your marketing efforts will be.

Enjuris is an invaluable tool to boost exposure and set forth the messaging you want to see for your law firm. To see how you can be featured and optimize your Enjuris profile, we invite you to send us a message.

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