Mack Babcock

Attorney Mack Babcock
Firm: The Babcock Law Firm
Location: Colorado
Enjuris partner since 2016

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How Enjuris helped a boutique Colorado law firm compete on a national level

The Babcock Law Firm is a boutique law firm that specializes in personal injury, workers’ compensation and insurance bad faith litigation in Colorado. They 100% represent plaintiffs, not insurance companies, corporations or businesses. The firm represents individuals and families who have been hurt by another person’s negligence, workplace injury, or wrongful conduct by insurance companies.

The Challenge

As a boutique law practice, The Babcock Law Firm was looking to outsource help with marketing, business development and lead acquisition. Since they only work with plaintiffs, they can’t rely on repeat customers because that would mean someone is getting hurt over and over again. This is different from an insurance defense law firm where the insurance company keeps sending cases. For small plaintiff-based firms, it’s usually only a one-time transaction with their clients, which means lead generation and client acquisition is a constant challenge.

Prior to joining Enjuris, the firm was using traditional methods like referral resources including prior clients, doctors, etc. Starting a small firm like this typically means a lawyer has a very limited caseload or no caseload at all because they came from another, larger firm. The firm needed to develop a strong caseload by expanding beyond traditional methods and finding ways to cast a wider net to include people who search online for a law firm.

In order to boost organic SEO for the initial website, The Babcock Law Firm implemented regular updates to the site and added high-quality blog posts, knowledge center articles, e-books, and press releases. They also employed inbound and outbound link-building strategies to promote the content to outside sources. In addition, the firm began running scholarship campaigns, which generated a significant number of premium, high-value links from schools and universities (.edu sites).

Despite these efforts, Mack Babcock wasn’t getting the results he desired. Instead, the competitive nature of the legal industry showed that the trend was for large, national law firm websites to dominate the rankings.

The Solution

Soon after starting The Babcock Law Firm, Mack Babcock decided to use the capital he had earned to develop an online presence. Mack met with multiple marketing companies to make sure they weren't working with any of his competitors because he wanted to make his website the top site in Colorado for what he does. 

He discovered that most marketing companies signed up numerous firms in the same geographic area. He had a problem with that concept. These companies told him they would do great marketing for his business because they had success with his competitors. But that didn't make sense to Mack because he knew they were telling all of their clients that they could get them on Page 1 and would ask for more money to get each ahead of the competition.

Although Mack doesn't have a background in SEO or technology, he is experienced in how businesses take advantage of the little guy and knew that some of the marketing companies would eventually try to convince him to spend more money to keep the same level of service. He wanted to find a quality company that he could trust.

After a series of conversations with different companies, he decided Enjuris was a perfect fit. The Babcock Law Firm joined Enjuris as a Premier Partner in 2016 to help compete on both an individual level and on a national scale. 

Since then, Enjuris has provided high-quality digital marketing and business development services to boost leads for this successful Colorado law firm. In addition to gaining recognition and media exposure from our interview with Mack Babcock, The Babcock Law Firm has benefited from other Enjuris Partner perks—including:

The Results

Within 4 years after Mack Babcock became an Enjuris Partner in 2016, he saw the following results:

14,038 Website sessions increased from 327 per month
$69,700/moOrganic search value increased from $4,100/month
(based on what it would cost through paid advertising)
1000% Top 3 rankings increase
653% Page 1 rankings increase

But don’t just take our word for it:

Attorney Mack Babcock

They’re always on top of things. If I detect an issue, I get an immediate response... They’re great at communication. I run my firm like a business because I have a background in business, so I enjoy the numbers and analyze my marketing every year. I run a cost-benefit analysis and can tell you how much I make per case on the ones I get through my online presence. It has been a good experience from a communication and outcome standpoint. I have very close friends who are my competitors and we talk about our firms and marketing strategies. From those conversations, I know I’m beating my competitors on cost value.

Some of my competitors are paying 150% of what I’m paying for the same level of service, but sometimes not for the same level of success that I’m receiving.

Mack Babcock, Owner and Managing Attorney, The Babcock Law Firm

Mack Babcock has also been featured by a number of high-profile sites thanks in part to his recognition as an Enjuris Partner.

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