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Brown Trial Firm

Attorney Laura Brown
Firm: Brown Trial Firm
Location: Texas, serving nationwide
Enjuris partner since 2019

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Respected birth injury attorney, published author and Enjuris partner

With an exclusive Enjuris partnership, Laura Brown is prominently featured as a national birth injury expert to tens of thousands of website visitors.

Laura Brown, founder of Brown Trial Firm, was born to be a lawyer. She grew up watching her father and grandfather fight for their clients and become respected community leaders. In her own career, she quickly became a powerhouse in her profession with an impressive track record of success in winning multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for children with cerebral palsy, HIE and other birth injuries.

Brown Trial Firm: Injury attorney's site optimized for user experience and search engines.

The Challenge

Laura Brown is a well-respected attorney nationally who serves as Co-Chair of the Birth Trauma Litigation Group, a sub-group of the American Association for Justice comprised of birth injury attorneys from around the world who represent injured babies and their families. 

Despite her many recognitions, Laura experienced firsthand the challenges many individual attorneys and small law firms face to attract new clients and cut through the noise of larger firms with seemingly bottomless marketing budgets.

The Solution

In order to better help grieving families and boost her online visibility, Laura partnered with Enjuris—a one-of-a-kind injury law website with over 5,000 pages of content and hundreds of thousands of monthly readers. 

Enjuris isn’t just a legal directory — it’s a robust online community that connects injury victims with experienced attorneys. Our top-ranked informational pages, resources and online tools attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each month who are looking for legal advice.

The Results

Just one year after partnering with Enjuris, birth injury attorney Laura Brown of Brown Trial Firm saw the following results:

18,645% Website traffic increased from 401 per month
$70,000/moOrganic search value increased from $243/month
(based on what it would cost through paid advertising)
667% Top 3 rankings increase
147% Page 1 rankings increase

In addition, organic search, page views, user engagement, referring domains, backlinks and other vital metrics all saw a marked rise shortly after joining Enjuris.

But don’t just take our word for it:

Attorney Laura Brown

After some disappointing experiences with other 'industry experts' we were extremely lucky to find Enjuris. Their level of professionalism and accountability have been a breath of fresh air, and best of all...the results have been outstanding. I have had a great experience, and would definitely recommend Enjuris to anyone looking to improve their search engine visibility.

Attorney Laura Brown, The Brown Trial Firm
How we do it

Our interview with Laura Brown is just one example of the many marketing pieces we deliver for our partner attorneys. 

Other benefits Enjuris Partners like Laura Brown gain access to include:

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  • Territory protection (we won’t partner with your direct competitors!)
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