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Can I get compensated for a defective airbag?

Asked by user in Washington.

I had a Mercedes Tekata airbag deploy. The injuries were minimal, but my work vehicle has been at the local Mercedes dealership for almost 7 weeks with still no answer. I've only owned this vehicle for 3 weeks when this incident occurred. A claim was filed with Mercedes Benz USA corporate on August 24th. How do I find a lawyer for this, or do I call my insurance and file a police report?

Answered by Enjuris Editors:

If I understand your question correctly, you believe your airbag was defective and improperly deployed. You brought your vehicle to your local Mercedes dealership to be repaired, but have been unable to get an update on the status of your vehicle.

If you filed an insurance claim for the accident, I would try contacting your insurance company and explaining the issue. The insurance company may have better luck getting through to the dealership. In addition, I would talk to an attorney in your area about a potential product liability lawsuit. You can locate an attorney in your area using our free online directory.

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