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What can I expect for a single-vehicle accident with no injuries?

Asked by user in Illinois.

I was the driver in a single-vehicle accident. There were no injuries, just damage to the vehicle. I have insurance, but an expired license and left the scene.

Answered by Enjuris Editors:

From what I can understand, it seems like you were driving and hit some object that caused damage to your car, but no other cars were involved (but possible property damage to your vehicle and perhaps another non-vehicle object).

There are a few things to consider:

First, the state of Illinois requires you to report an accident within 10 days that involves death, injury, or property damage of more than $1,500 (or $500 for an uninsured vehicle).

Second, you could be charged with a hit and run, and you could face penalties for driving with an expired license. A hit and run is any collision with another vehicle, person, or property when the driver fails to stop at the scene to provide their personal information.

It would be wise to call the local police department to report the accident before any more time passes. You also should immediately contact the Illinois Secretary of State to renew your driver’s license. You can call your insurance company to find out what’s covered for property damage related to the accident.

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