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Should I call an attorney before talking to my insurance company?

Asked by user in florida.

I was in the middle of a highway spin out. I saw cars in front of me while spinning and I was going at least the speed limit. I was totally shocked. I have 2 puppies that were only in the truck for the third time ever. I never slammed on the brakes, so they got so scared from me jilting the truck. They were trying to go under the seat. I haven’t had a dog in 8 years because of the pain from losing one that was 4 years old due to the tainted food epidemic from China. I started to sweat thinking something might happen to them so I got to the side of the road but there were cars beeping and flying by. I just looked back briefly through the mirror. I didn’t see any cars stopped so I went down the off ramp to look at my truck. It is a beat up farm truck. There was no new damage to the truck. It looks all dented up around the whole truck but I have pictures of it on Facebook showing years of off roading, work truck damage and a wreck years ago to the front left fender and damage from a blowout about 10 years ago. One of my dogs squealed through the window thinking I was leaving her. She broke the plastic watergate to get out and almost ran into traffic. I finally got her, but I just was sick thinking of what happened to my other dog and was there for over an hour. There wasn’t anything different about my truck, I was just so upset that my dogs had to be in this busy loud place. I checked into my hotel 3 hours later after seeing other cars that also pulled over, but left when my dog first jumped out. Four or five days after, I checked my messages at 6:00 after helping a friend and it was my insurance company stating that I was in the middle of the car spinning in front of me. My friend said to call an attorney and not to talk to the insurance company. What should I do? I’m going to look online at my insurance policy to see if it states why I would be given a claim or account number. I’m going to look now but I would like to know what to do now that the insurance company wants me to call them about the accident. I didn’t hit anyone. My truck looks the same, even mud on the frock hasn’t come off. I’m sure it looks like my truck has been hit by every car on the road but I know that there is no new damage. I hope you can help me with this problem. I’m still upset and my dogs are scared to trust me. It brings back memories that hurt.

Answered by Enjuris Editors:

I am so sorry you were involved in an accident and that you and your dogs are suffering traumatic effects in the aftermath. It’s not entirely clear to me what happened, though it sounds as though you pulled to the road shoulder and your vehicle was not damaged.

It’s possible that your insurance is involved because you were counted as a vehicle in the accident, even if you didn’t hit anything, your vehicle didn’t sustain damage, and you weren’t injured. If it was a multi-vehicle accident, there’s probably a file that includes each vehicle and driver’s information.

It does sound as though this case is complicated because of the number of vehicles involved. It would probably be in your best interest to contact a Florida personal injury lawyer who can assist you as the details are sorted out. It sounds as though your dogs, though frightened, were not physically injured. You can call a lawyer, explain the facts of the case as you perceive them, and let them know either what relief you’re seeking (if you feel that you’re entitled to compensation from the accident) or to protect from someone else collecting from you and your insurance policy if it appears to be moving in that direction.

Best of luck. I hope it all works out for you.

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