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If the rental car was paid for by a trucking school to get me to orientation, do they have to pay for damages too?

Asked by user in Florida.

Answered by Enjuris Editors:

Without knowing more details and reviewing the relevant insurance policies, it’s impossible for me to accurately answer this question.

Generally speaking, the driver (you) will be responsible for paying any damages that you cause. However, there are a couple of insurance policies that might cover the damages:

  • Your personal auto insurance policy might cover damages to the rental car.
  • The auto insurance policy that the trucking school purchased from the rental car company (if any) might cover the damages (this is usually dependent on whether the coverage includes your person, your belongings, the vehicle itself, or all three).
  • Your credit card might provide coverage for damage to the rental car.

I would recommend reviewing the relevant policies and contacting the insurance adjusters to determine coverage. If you’re still not clear about coverage, you can meet with an attorney in your area.

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