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Enjuris™ Editors

Meet the writers behind the Enjuris voice

Accidents and the subject of personal injury law hits home for us.

Everyone on our team has had their lives touched by an accident in some way, at some point, whether it was a friend, a family member, or themselves who experienced it and made it through (barely) to the other side.

We know what it's like to have a thousand questions all at once, while hoping and praying someone you love will pull through the next few weeks and months. We want to make Enjuris a truly useful resource for people who are facing the tough questions that come up after an accident.

We look to approach all our content with empathy and an eye for accuracy, thoroughness and usefulness to our audiences. Get in touch if you'd like to write for us, share your story or provide some feedback – we'd love to hear from you!

Jennifer Kain Kilgore, Attorney Editor

Chronic pain warrior, lawyer, advocate for people with disabilities, lover of animals, political activist

Attorney editor at Enjuris Jennifer Kain Kilgore

Jennifer Kain Kilgore is our attorney editor. She has a knack for spotting a story as she compiles useful resources, interviews our attorney members for feature pieces, and writes informative, thought-provoking articles, legal guides, and blog posts related to personal injury. She checks content on the website for legal clarity and works to get our material published in other media outlets. She is very passionate about helping people navigate the post-accident world and making it easier to understand, since she has had her life completely upended by two car accidents, resulting in spinal fusions. She hopes to bring Enjuris to the top of search engines and have it be the first place people go when they need help. When she has the time she works on her own projects, which include writing novels, literary nonfiction, and short stories. She is a graduate of Ohio University (B.S., Journalism, 2009, cum laude) and the New England School of Law (J.D., 2012).

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Kim Hayes, Editor

Fearless content marketer, writer, and advocate for Native American, civil, women's and voting rights, as well as health care, community development, early childhood and higher education issues.

Enjuris editor & content marketer Kim Hayes

Kim Hayes brings to life many special stories on Enjuris, from high-profile news to interviews with people who have come through a traumatizing accident (including her friend Stacie's story). She has extensive experience in the legal field, writing about civil rights and women's issues from a policy and litigation perspective for numerous nonprofits. She has developed innovative communications campaigns and editorial content for nonprofits, news outlets and the business sector. She also has a background in journalism, with her work focusing on Native American, health care and anti-poverty topics. Kim always brings the “human factor” to her writing, believing it is the most important part of telling any story. During her nearly 19-year career, Kim has also served as a media liaison and fundraising consultant. Originally from Baltimore, MD, Kim attended Goucher College, earning a BA in Communications. She now lives in the Washington, DC area with her husband Jason, where they love to attend concerts, sporting events and occasionally kick up their heels for some salsa dancing.

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Lisa Banks Executive Editor

Coordinator of things, believer in the power of the individual, nurturer, advocate for kindness and truth

Enjuris editor Lisa Banks

A member of SEO Advantage since 2004, Lisa now oversees Enjuris, drawing together a special team to create meaningful content, develop user-friendly functionality, and design impactful graphics. She brings nearly two decades of experience in marketing, copywriting and consulting on market development, taking her from Eastern Canada to Japan and now Florida. Lisa holds an MBA with concentrations in international business and marketing from Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS, Canada. During downtime, Lisa can be found playing tennis with her husband and two sons, trying out new recipes, and planning their next trip. Nearly losing her sister to a motorcycle accident helps her keep a steady focus on those who come to Enjuris for help.

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